Vermont Wood Products by T Breeze VerDant

Vermont artist T. Breeze VerDant claims to hold a master’s degree from the prestigious University of hard knocks. He started his woodworking experience by building a log cabin from his own trees and rocks, hauling the logs by hand with a “come-along”. He consequently demolished buildings for building materials and built another home entirely from lumber he harvested selectively from a friend’s forest (thereby saving it from being clear cut. Expressing ones self through house building is a tedious method of expression. It also consumes a lot of trees, which “Breeze” has an affinity for. Breeze has run power lines, studied and practiced massage and the healing arts. He is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/poet and an activist for peace and the environment. Breeze has been practicing marquetry full time since 1988. His aim with wood is to create and share the greatest amount of beauty while consuming the smallest amount of wood.

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