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Vermont Wood Products by Bob & Pete Hartt

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Wood Products by Greg Johnsen


Birds flock to these American made bird feeders. Features include: solid cedar and stainless steel screw construction. Aluminum perches that won’t rot off. Removable polycarbonate windows for easy cleaning. Bottoms drain quickly to keep seed fresh, healthy and mold free. Stainless steel cable for hanging. This Feeder is for Nyjer Seed to attract Finches.


Wood Products by John Long

John long has been known as a wood artist since 1972. A self taught artist, having no formal training, John has become one of the only artists in his medium to capture the admiration of the public, collectors and interior designers. John’s unique “wall sculptures” are made entirely from very old weathered boards from barns. No paint, color or texture has been added to any surface, as only “found” material is used. Each one of John’s creations is designed to hang on the wall like a painting, and may be hung in direct sunlight as they will never fade. Each piece is signed and dated, and is ready to hang with stainless steel picture cable.

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Vermont Wood Products by Bob Weaver & Deb Salzarulo

DOOR HARPS... Handcrafted in Vermont, Available in four wood combinations, Hand rubbed TungOil finish. Can be hung on wood or metal doors. When you mount a door harp on the inside of your door, you will be pleasantly surprised by the gentle harmony heard each time the door is opened or closed. A wonderful welcome into your home for family and friends.

Vermont Wood Products by T Breeze VerDant

Vermont artist T. Breeze VerDant claims to hold a master’s degree from the prestigious University of hard knocks. He started his woodworking experience by building a log cabin from his own trees and rocks, hauling the logs by hand with a “come-along”. He consequently demolished buildings for building materials and built another home entirely from lumber he harvested selectively from a friend’s forest (thereby saving it from being clear cut. Expressing ones self through house building is a tedious method of expression. It also consumes a lot of trees, which “Breeze” has an affinity for. Breeze has run power lines, studied and practiced massage and the healing arts. He is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/poet and an activist for peace and the environment. Breeze has been practicing marquetry full time since 1988. His aim with wood is to create and share the greatest amount of beauty while consuming the smallest amount of wood.

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